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Fabrice Lihoreau

Université de Montpellier

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My activity

My research focuses on the evolution of mammals based on fossil data. I am carrying out an important field activity in Africa and Europe in order to complete the fossil record, particularly of artiodactyls, and to establish the major milestones of its macroevolutionary history. I study the phenotype through comparative anatomy, phylogenetic and paleobiological analyses. I have reviewed part of the systematics and phylogeny of hippopotamoids, in particular the origin of hippopotamids in the African Paleogene and the paraphyly of anthracotheres. I am pursuing these objectives by also studying the initial radiation of artiodactyls during the hyperthermal events of the early Eocene of Europe.

As an associate professor, I am involved in teaching on the diversity and anatomy of metazoans as well as on macroevolutionary concepts in Bachelor and Master’s courses. I participate in the animation of the Master BEE palaeontology, which is one of the rare courses in the discipline in France.

Keywords :

Compared anatomy – Macroevolution – Phylogeny – Artiodactyls – Fossils