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Séverine Fauquette

Senior researcher

Membre de :

My activity

My research activity focuses on vegetation reconstruction, climate quantification and on the estimation of Cenozoic paleo-elevations from pollen data. In particular, my work enables a better understanding of the conditions for the establishment and evolution of plant diversity around the Mediterranean and in Europe since the beginning of the Cenozoic thanks to a better knowledge of the respective influence of climate change, CO2 levels, tectonics and anthropic impact on vegetation. The specificity of my research work is to be inter-disciplinary, working at the interface of earth and life sciences. By quantifying environmental parameters, I make the link between palaeontologists, ecologists, geologists and climate modellers.

Keywords :

Paleoclimate – Paleoenvironments – Cenozoic – Pollen – Paleovegetation

Responsabilities :

– Coordinator of the “Ecosystem dynamics, ecology of disturbances, paleoclimates” team at ISEM
– Scientific manager of the palynology facility at ISEM and co-responsible for the palynology reference collection
– Member of the competition jury of the GAIA Doctoral School of Montpellier University
– Associate Editor of the journal Geobios