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My activity

I am a palaeoenvironmentalist and archaeologist interested in unravelling the long-term impact of human societies and their related land-uses on the landscape. I apply multi-proxy palaeoenvironmental analyses (pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs, fire reconstructions) in wetland’s sedimentary records as well as archaeopalynological analyses to reconstruct the manipulation of vegetation, plant resources and landscapes by past societies. My current research is oriented towards the study of the role of Holocene migratory and colonial processes in the shaping of Mediterranean landscapes. I develop research on transported landscapes in different areas of the Mediterranean Basin (Catalonia, Thrace), as well as in California, where I coordinate the JCJC-ANR-funded project MeSCAL (2021-24). The latter joins an international team of palaeoenvironmentalists and archaeologists and aims at examining the role that prehistoric migrations and colonial processes played in the configuration of Southern California landscapes during the last 4000 years.

Keywords :

Palaeoecology – Palynology – Holocene Mediterranean landscapes – Human mobility – Land-uses