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Claudia Bommarito

Postdoctoral fellow

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My activity

I’m an ecologist, specialized in parasitology, community ecology and biodiversity. My research focuses on identifying the mechanisms of ecological interaction between parasites (especially trematodes) and their hosts, in the context of abiotic and biotic changes. I’m mainly interested in 1) the study of parasites biodiversity in still neglected aquatic ecosystems 2) the role of parasites on the structure of the aquatic foodweb 3) the effects of drivers, such as landscape urbanisation, in the diversity and dynamics of parasites and host populations as well as in their foodweb structure. To answer to these research question, I use field monitoring of aquatic communities in tropical areas and I characterize these communities and their foodweb by using data analysis and modelling.

Keywords :

Biodiversity – Aquatic ecology – Diseases – Trematodes – Food web