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Nicolas Bierne

Senior researcher

Membre de :

My activity

I am a population geneticist with broad interests in evolutionary biology. I study the evolutionary mechanisms involved in adaptation and speciation. My approach is to use the latest innovations in molecular biology and genome sequencing, in association with experimentation, field studies and theoretical development. I mainly study marine species. My preferred study system is the species complex of marine mussels Mytilus spp., a cryptic radiation of semi-isolated genetic lineages at various stages of the speciation process. My recent interests focus on marine urban evolution (in ports) and on the evolution of transmissible cancers that emerged in mussels.

Keywords :

Population genetics – Hybridization – Speciation – Urban evolution – Transmissible cancer

Responsabilities :

– Coordinator of the scientific department “Genome, phenome, environment” (Genφ) at ISEM
– Associate editor of the journals PLOS Genetics, Evolutionary Applications, and Current Zoology, recommender for PCI Evol Biol and PCI Genomics