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Jean-François Baroiller

Senior researcher

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My activity

My work investigates the genetic basis of sex differentiation (SD) and salinity tolerance (SaT) in tilapia (Cichlidae).
By studying the masculinizing effects of high temperatures (TSDI) in species with sex chromosomes (GSD), I seek to answer biological questions (evolution of sex determinism) as well as aquaculture issues (sex control). Through genomic approaches (RADseq, RNAseq) applied to wild populations or domestic strains, 3 questions are explored:
– how/why GSD and TSDI coexist in the sex determination of tilapia?
– under what conditions and frequency does GSD occur in wild populations?
– what are the consequences (fitness) for masculinized individuals and the resilience of populations?
Using similar approaches, SaT is studied in species with high/low euryhalinity.
Finally, I am involved in projects to enhance aquatic biodiversity and reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture.

Keywords :

Fish – Tilapias – Determinism/sex differentiation – Temperature – Salinity

Responsabilities :

– Member of the Scientific Council of the European Society for Comparative Endocrinology (ESCE)
– Member of the Scientific and Orientation Committee of CESAB (CEntre de Synthèse et d’Analyse sur la Biodiversité)
– Member of the Working Group of the Strategic Thematic Field “Biodiversity” of CIRAD