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Palaeovertebrata aims to meet a critical need for easier access to research outputs within the field of vertebrate palaeontology, by providing the first “diamond open access” journal. All Palaeovertebrata articles are peer-reviewed to ensure they meet the journal’s high-quality standards. Palaeovertebrata’s primary objective is to accelerate the publication of high-quality papers and provide immediate access […]

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MorphoMuseuM, also referred to as M3, is a peer-reviewed, online journal that publishes 3D models of vertebrates, including models of type specimens, anatomy atlases, reconstruction of deformed or damaged specimens, and 3D datasets. Visit the website

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Peer Community In

Peer Community In (PCI) is a non-profit scientific organisation that aims to create specific communities of researchers reviewing and recommending, for free, unpublished preprints in their field (i.e. unpublished articles deposited on open online archives like arXiv and bioRxiv). Since 2021, the organisation has created its journal, Peer Community Journal, funded by public research institutions

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ISEM has launched the DAFNEE database (Database of Academia Friendly jourNals in Ecology and Evolution), which offers a list of non-profit, learned society, museum or university-associated journals relevant to ecology and evolutionary biology. The database includes generalist journals (e.g. eLife, PLoS Biol, PNAS, Science), flagship society journals (e.g. Am Nat, Heredity, JEB, Proc B, MBE,

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