Research areas

Biological evolution viewed from myriad angles

The core of ISEM research is hinged on the ‘Evolution’ concept, underpinned by our awareness of the temporal dynamics in our perception of living organisms. Our research is geared towards charting the history of species, populations and communities through palaeontology, archaeology, paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions, phylogeny, population genetics, and studies on diversification patterns. We also […]

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An array of complementary approaches

Research at ISEM is based primarily on the observation, description and characterization of past and present biodiversity, through extensive fieldwork, locally, regionally and worldwide. These surveys and long-term monitoring studies enhance the collections (fossils, pollen, charcoal, seeds, tissues, molecules), databases (morphological and behavioural traits, DNA sequences) and genetic resources that constitute the wellspring of our

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Fundamental to applied research

An extensive history of fundamental research is the cornerstone of our activity at ISEM, yet our work is also focused on current tangible societal issues. Our research nurtures the biomedical sector through the exploration of evolutionary medicine concepts, the study of cancers as evolving biological entities, and the biodiversity-health relationship, particularly in tropical environments. We

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