About ISEM

Institutional network

ISEM is affiliated with various scientific departments or institutes of its parent bodies (UM: B3ESTE; CNRS: INEE, INSU, INSHS, INS2I, INSB; IRD: EcoBio; EPHE: SVT; Cirad: PerSyst), while also being involved in other local/national structures (LabEx CeMEB, LabEx CEBA, the Agronomy-Environment-Biodiversity research department of the MUSE I-SITE, OSU OREME, Occitanie region BiodivOC and RIVOC schemes, […]

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ISEM collaborates widely with foreign research colleagues and institutions while coordinating several international research programmes (BIOPOLIS, LIA, GDRI, SEEG, bipartite and tripartite agreements). Its international activities also encompass many field missions and research postings in countries of the Global South.

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