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Genome, phenome, environment department (Genφ)

The objective of the Genome, phenome, environment (Genφ) scientific department is to investigate connections between genomics data, the whole diversity and complexity of phenotypes, and the biotic and abiotic environment with which organisms interact. The genomes of thousands of organisms have been sequenced but we are still a long way from successfully interpreting the information contained in these sequences, and translating it into a book on the evolution of species. One of the current limitations in evolutionary genomics is to develop interactions with studies at the organismal level (e.g. evolution of phenotypes, functional biology). To fulfil this objective, five teams have joined forces within the Genφ department, providing a wide range of complementary skills in phylogeny, molecular evolution, population genetics, quantitative genetics, functional genetics, developmental biology, morphometry and behavioural and evolutionary ecology.

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Les équipes

Fish evolution team
Macroevolution and development team
Marine biodiversity and evolution team
Phylogeny and molecular evolution team
Sex and speciation team